Smart Microsensing Platform Technology for Remote Monitoring to Guide Evidence-based Treatment 

Value Drivers


The consequence of catheter malfunction as well as high shunt failure rate has been that patients suffer many unnecessary, costly medical procedures. Senseer's goal is to increase patients' welfare by enabling remote, real-time monitoring of shunt/catheter status. 


Our MEMS-based, multi-sensor technology allows catheter status to be monitored remotely and noninvasively, providing doctors an inexpensive, rapid and accurate tool for early detection of device performance deviation from patient-specific baselines. 


Implementing our technology has the potential to decrease overall US hydrocephalus healthcare expenses - our initial market focus - by over 30%, from $6 billion to around $4 billion per year, mostly driven by a sharp decrease in costly diagnostic testing for shunt functionality. 

About Us


At Senseer, we are focused on improving healthcare by developing smart, microsensing catheter technologies for remote patient monitoring to guide evidence-based treatment. Although being currently focused on the hydrocephalus market, we aim on targeting other markets, such as the cardiac or urinary ones, over the next 2-3 years.



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